5 Questions for Ryan Triplett

5 Questions for Ryan Triplett

February 16, 2022

This interview that has been a long time coming!

For those of you that know Ryan Triplett, he is soft spoken, brilliant, and incredibly hard working. I finally get to sit down with my friend and partner and ask him 5 questions so we can get inside the mind of a financial genius!

1. Ryan gives us a bit of his background, how he got into the business of advising families and businesses, and how he and I partnered up 10 years ago.

2. He provides his perspective on how the business of financial advice has changed (for the better) over the last 15 years.

3. Ryan tells us his favorite part of working in this career (hint: he loves math!)

4. If he wasn't doing this for a living, what would he be doing?

5. He closes with one piece of advice he would give to improve the outcomes of the average investor.

I hope you enjoy watching this short video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Happy Planning,